What Piercing Supply Is Available in Your Piercing Shop?

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Your piercing supplies are essential for the success of your business, but not all of them are available in your piercing shop. Depending on the type of piercing you’re performing, you may need to purchase unique jewelry or special tools. In such cases, you can make a shopping list in Microsoft Excel and print it to use as a reference. This way, you’ll be able to check off each item as you shop for them. Check this out

Here are some great options in the city

Needle sets and sterile packaging are essential in a piercing studio. Various gauges of needles are available for different body parts. These needles should be stored in sterile packaging and not opened until they’re used. Needles and receiving tubes are essential supplies to a piercing studio, as they guide the needle as it penetrates the skin. In addition to needles, you should also purchase receiving tubes, which are inserted into a customer’s nostril to avoid the needle from stabbing the customer.

Besides needles, sterile supplies for piercing include alcohol, acetone, and cotton. These can help keep the studio clean, as alcohol is strong and is used for sterilization. You should avoid alcohol as much as possible, but alcohol does have its uses. Alcohol can be used to clean your equipment and furniture, as well as skin prep prior to a piercing session. The alcohol should never be used to clean the skin after a piercing.

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