Account Origination Fraud Prevention

account origination fraud prevention

New Account Fraud

Often called account origination fraud prevention or “Account opening fraud,” New Account Fraud is a type of identity theft where criminals use stolen identities and banking information to open new bank accounts. It’s a growing threat for consumers and financial institutions.

It costs the industry, businesses and consumers billions of dollars every year.

According to American Banker/Neustar research, one in three financial organizations report being negatively impacted by account origination fraud today, and the number of attempted attacks is increasing. Executives say the most effective approach to addressing account origination fraud is a combination of education/ awareness, multi- and cross-channel verification and biometrics.

Behavioral Cues to Watch For

When conducting background checks on potential new customers, it’s critical to watch for any red flags that are based on known fraudulent behavior patterns. These can include, but are not limited to, a recently issued identification or social security number, opening the account with a small cash deposit, or having an address outside of the bank’s geographic footprint.

Account Origination Fraud Prevention: Best Practices for Preventing Fraudulent Account Creation on Your Platform

Another important factor to consider is the user’s device, including a smartphone. Using a specialized anti-fraud system, banks can easily identify any new accounts created on a smartphone that was previously associated to or used in a previous fraud scheme.

In addition, FIs should train their staff to look for certain behaviors that indicate fraud. These could include a customer who is overly friendly, attempting to establish a quick rapport with the banker or wearing clothing that does not match their age, occupation or income level.

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EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Battery Power Station

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a big, heavy, portable battery power station that can be used for camping or outdoor work. It’s a great solution for people who need a reliable source of power.

Its large LiFePo4 batteries are safe, long-lasting, and have a shelf life of years before losing much of their storage capacity. It also supports charging 6 different ways, including a direct connection through an EV charge station and solar power. URL delta ecoflow pro |

A smart home panel and extra battery add-ons are available that can make it even more powerful. These accessories are all proprietary and I couldn’t test them, but they all work in tandem with the Delta Pro to automatically switch your home’s power needs to the battery system in case of a blackout.

Powering Your Work-From-Home Setup with Delta Pro EcoFlow: Tips and Tricks

X-boost and X-stream enable fast charging The Delta Pro’s X-boost charge output is 600W, which can be boosted to 1800W for short periods – EcoFlow calls this ‘X-boost’ – enabling a quick recharge from a wall outlet. That’s surprisingly fast for a power station with a battery this large, but there are limits to how many devices can be plugged into it at one time without it running out of charge.

Expansion batteries and a double voltage hub help boost the Delta Pro’s battery capacity to 25,000 Wh. Connecting these additional batteries to the Delta Pro is easy and will increase the power of your system by tripling its capacity, allowing you to run devices that aren’t covered by your main Delta Pro like your HVAC and water heating systems.

The Best Space Juice Drink

In a bid to celebrate ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) mission, the Agency invited amateur chefs and mixologists to submit mocktail recipes featuring flavours that evoked the planet and its icy moons. Entrants were challenged to recreate the churning oceans and ice shells of Jupiter’s moons, as well as Jupiter’s cloudy atmosphere, in their drinks. Go here

Recipes were judged based on their presentation and appeal, with judges being particularly impressed by the creativity of drink makers. From layered smoothies to swirling coffees, the 70 finalists demonstrated an exceptional level of imagination and talent in creating space-inspired mocktails.

The winning mocktail was a creative blend of European and tropical flavours, inspired by Europa’s geology, with a sparkling blue ocean of spirulina. It also combines the gin spirit with lemon, green grapes, green apple and mint to create a refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for a summer day in space.

What is Space Juice? Exploring the Flavor and Effects of this Cannabis-Infused Drink

It’s a bit of a shock to the tastebuds, but is a refreshing choice for all space travellers. It heals drowsiness, heats you up if frozen and has a 20% chance per tick to heal 1 brute damage in a random body part.

The sour gin and lemon juice mix with a dash of whiskey is a popular drink among command staff. It’s also an excellent choice for outlaw hoverbikers as it regenerates stamina quicker as you get drunker. It’s especially popular on board the Mothic Fleet where it is light on ration credits and heavy on flavor.

Mortgage Advisor Ormeau Road

Mortgage Advisor Ormeau Road

A plethora of award winning  Mortgage Advisor Ormeau Road and insurance policies to choose from. Most of them are insured by leading UK lenders, with the most well known and reputable names in the industry.

Finding the Perfect Home Loan in Lisburn: The Role of a Mortgage Broker

Top quality customer service at the right price point is a rare find in this competitive environment. The company has a stellar reputation for client satisfaction and has an exemplary track record for its many years in business. The staff are highly knowledgeable and friendly. Whether you are looking for a mortgage or insurance the team at Mortgage Advisor Ormeau Road will be on hand to help. They are a shrewd and savvy bunch that will do their homework to ensure you are on the best deal for your hard earned cash.…

How to Find Breathwork Classes That Are Right For You

breathwork classes

Breathwork classes have been popping up in cities and towns around the world as people turn to alternative self-healing practices. These classes are gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, such as stress and anxiety, addiction, health conditions and more.

Online breathwork classes courses are a great way to learn the techniques without leaving home, and you can often find one that fits your schedule and gears more towards how and when you want to learn. These classes are a good option for beginners, as they are often led by a qualified teacher who can help you get the hang of it and make sure that you do it properly.

The benefits of breathing exercises and techniques are numerous. They can relieve stress, increase energy and stimulate your immune system. They can also help with physical ailments such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.

How to find breathwork classes that are right for you

There are many different types of breathing exercises and techniques, so finding a class that works well for you can be tricky. You need to find a program that fits your needs and that you can trust.

Aura Institute offers breathwork trainings for yoga teachers, body workers, therapists/counselors and coaches. The 40-hour level 1 training teaches them how to lead breathwork sessions individually and in groups.

Christine is a certified Breathwork Practitioner through Alchemy of Breath and has been practicing the art of breathwork since 2011. She has experienced the power of breathwork first hand and is now passionate about sharing it with others in order to support them in healing and transformation.

Bariatric Vitamins For Hair Loss

bariatric vitamins for hair loss

The most common cause of hair loss following bariatric surgery is a nutrient deficiency. It’s important to ensure your body receives all the nutrients it needs to keep your hair, skin and nails healthy.


The vitamins for hair loss after bariatric surgery that are important for the growth and repair of your hair include B vitamins, iron, zinc, biotin and folic acid. These all help your body create the protein needed for the formation of keratin, the structural proteins in your hair.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are needed for the production of sebum, which helps protect your scalp from dandruff and promotes hair regrowth. They also prevent free radicals from damaging your hair and scalp.

Vitamin C

Bariatric Vitamins and Hair Loss: Tips for Optimal Hair Health

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and helps your body produce collagen, which strengthens your skin and hair. It also helps boost the absorption of iron, which is another nutrient deficiency that leads to hair loss.

Folic Acid

This water-soluble B vitamin plays an important role in the synthesis of nucleic acids, which are responsible for forming new cells and growing hair. It also helps your body to use amino acids and convert them into energy.


Biotin is a key nutrient for hair regrowth and is found mainly in the skin. It can also be found in some dairy products and dark-green vegetables. It’s important to speak with your bariatric physician about the best way to get your daily dose of this nutrient.

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