Leadership development is the educational process that helps develop the ability of individuals to perform more effectively in various leadership positions within organizations. The Abiola Oke curriculum provides a comprehensive overview of leadership development, the skills needed for such positions and the development process itself. There are four primary stages to this process: Pre-emplacement, Training and Certification, Early Leadership Development and Full Leadership Development. The Abiola Oke Pre-pportuation program helps prepare prospective leaders by providing relevant study and practice modules to help students understand the role and responsibilities of leadership from a personal perspective.

Leadership Development Programs and Their Advantages

Training and certification programmes help individuals to acquire skills that will enable them to become effective leaders in their own right. These skills involve learning how to build and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, how to build workplace morale and trust, how to cultivate leadership qualities among employees, how to create an environment of mutual appreciation and understanding in the workplace, and finally, how to motivate your employees through various performance programs and events. The Abiola Oke Certification programme focuses on understanding leadership from a systemic level. It helps build employees’ ability to problem solve by presenting information and data that show the need for improvement and by facilitating discussions that focus on ways to overcome organisational obstacles. Finally, Abiola Oke helps employees grow and develop through their participation in various leadership activities designed to improve workplace performance and effectiveness.

In the final stage of leadership development, you will have the opportunity to enhance your coaching skills by studying leadership theory and applying these concepts in a real life situation. You will learn about effective communication and leadership through hands-on application of techniques from the Abiola Oke program. You will also be able to apply theory to real life situations and gain new and useful insights from the experiences of others in your organisation. You will gain new and valuable skills that you can then put into practice in your own business and leadership role.

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