Handheld Catering and Events – How to Get Started

A food catering provides professionally prepared meals for a variety of events. They work closely with their clients to create menus that suit the occasion and fit within the client’s budget. They also consider dietary restrictions, themes, and personal touches like family recipes or favorite dishes when designing menus.

As a food catering business owner, you’ll need to be familiar with local health and safety regulations. For example, if you’re operating out of your home kitchen, you’ll likely need a permit and a food handler’s license. You may also need to update your homeowner’s insurance coverage to reflect the fact that you’re cooking for a commercial purpose.

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Start by sourcing ingredients that will give you the most bang for your buck. For instance, opt for meals that can be made in bulk and serve a large number of people to reduce your overall cost per plate. Look for discounts at wholesale grocery stores and shop for seasonal produce to cut down on food waste. Finally, make sure to separate your cutting boards and utensils for raw and cooked foods, and change gloves after handling any meat or seafood.

Once you have your supplies in order, you’ll need to decide how you plan to service your clients. Buffet catering offers a self-service dining experience that’s good for casual events, while plated catering is better suited for more formal gatherings. Lastly, family-style catering involves placing large platters of food on each table for guests to share, which encourages a more communal and interactive dining atmosphere.

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