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A motorcycle chain lube application can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. Using a spray nozzle to lubricate a chain is not recommended because it can get caught in the chain and become ineffective. The best way to lubricate a motorcycle chain is to warm the chain and lubricant first. The lubricant needs to be heated to between 75 and 90 degrees before being applied to the chain.

You Can Find One That Suits Your Needs

Clean the chain before lubricating it. If you use water or a lighter fluid to clean the chain, you’ll end up with mud and sand particles on the chain. Using the same chain lubricant over will cause the chain to get dirtier, which can cause additional wear and tear. If you don’t have the time to lubricate the chain properly, you can invest in a motorcycle chain guard. These guards fit above and below the chain. They can be purchased at reasonable prices for protection.

A chain lube for wet use is designed to form a hydrophobic layer on the chain links, which repels water and reduces friction and wear. It contains a UV dye that indicates proper application. The company also makes a UV torch that you can use to see the lube in action. Another type of lube is made for dry conditions and can prevent excessive wear and tear. It also protects the O-rings from dust and water.

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