Intelligent Merchandising

Smart Supplier Collaboration Successis a dynamic way of showing products to customers that adapts to their needs in real time, based on popularity and inventory levels. This allows retailers to increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities without annoying or losing shoppers by recommending products they don’t need.

Product tagging, or enabling products to be tagged with attributes that help categorize and structure a hierarchy is key to intelligent merchandising. Adding this metadata to every product in an inventory allows for the ability to automatically categorize or structure a display based on user data insights, sales reports, and AI-powered restructuring. This also enables shopper search queries to be filtered based on these attributes, and provides a more intelligent experience that can match their needs more precisely.

Intelligent Merchandising in a Post-Pandemic World: Adapting to New Consumer Behaviors

The smartest merchandising strategies utilize this data to provide shoppers with a personalized shopping experience that matches their interests, preferences, and purchasing behavior. This data is used to create intelligent recommendations that enhance the shopping experience, driving more conversions and increasing customer lifetime value.

The most effective merchandising teams free themselves from the time-consuming admin tasks that are so typical of traditional retail and spend their time coming up with new ways to grow the business. Using Gen AI-powered solutions, Merchandisers can check patterns, trends, and purchase behavior in real time to get the most out of their workdays.

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