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If you’re concerned that you may be living in a home that’s at risk for radon, then it’s time to consider radon solutions. Radon is a natural gas that is found naturally in our soil and air, and there are several ways to mitigate its presence. Reliant Radon Solutions’ experienced technicians have the training and equipment necessary to install an effective mitigation system. Read on to learn more about basement radon mitigation system and how they can help you protect your home and family from this deadly gas.

Protect Your Home and Family From Radon

Various mitigation systems can be used to lower the level of radon in a home. The type of mitigation system you’ll need depends on your house and the design of its foundation. Simple underground pipes can reduce radon levels in a home, and sub-slab depressurization systems can be installed without major structural changes. Regardless of the type of mitigation system you choose, Reliant Radon Solutions’ technicians will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on your home’s radon mitigation needs.

The most effective radon mitigation techniques will remove radon from your home and reduce its levels inside the home. Radon is a radioactive gas that is naturally occurring in the air. Although it is odorless and colorless, radon concentrations can increase over time. When radon is trapped in your home, it can lead to lung cancer and other diseases. In addition to having an increase in the risk of lung cancer, radon can damage your home’s drywall and cause damage to your foundation.

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