Roof Cladding Coating – Preventative Maintenance and Inspection

roof cladding coating

Roof cladding coating is an effective way to extend the life of metal roofing and wall sheeting on commercial and industrial properties. In fact, building owners are increasingly turning to coatings to delay – sometimes decades – the need for a costly full roof replacement.

Coating manufacturers typically require that any issues related to previous water leakage be corrected at the roof assembly level prior to the application of their products. Failure to do so may conceal problems and cause subsequent damage during the course of the coating application, resulting in a downward spiral of performance.

If left unchecked, a deteriorating steel cladding coating can result in structural damage to the roof sheets. This damage can be expensive and time consuming to repair. A proactive approach to maintenance and inspection, however, can prevent this.

Protecting Your Roof Investment: The Benefits of Roof Cladding Coating

One of the most common issues seen is the development of chalking and fading paint on metal roof cladding, often in areas that are exposed to sunlight. This type of deterioration is typically caused by UV degradation of the protective coating system.

Another common issue that needs to be addressed is the occurrence of cut edge corrosion. This is a serious problem and is an early warning sign that the profile metal roof sheeting has started to degrade. This is not only dangerous and unsightly, but it also poses a risk of the roof sheet giving way under load. A regular inspection programme is necessary to ensure the condition of the cladding remains in good condition.

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