Solid braid poly rope  is a firm round braided cord manufactured in a parallel construction. It is strong yet soft and lightweight with excellent resistance to rot, mildrew, petroleum products and most chemicals. This versatile rope has shock-absorbing elasticity which allows it to withstand great strain and its braided construction keeps it round and works well with pulleys.

As a result of its tough, reliable three strand design, this durable line is used across a wide variety of industries and sectors on a daily basis. This includes the use of this rope to create sturdy safety nets on building sites and it is often found lining the outside of scaffolding as a means of creating a safe barrier to prevent falls. In leisure centres, you will also find this rope being used to section off swimming lanes or even on football pitches in the form of goal-post netting.

Strength and Versatility: Exploring the Uses of Solid Braid Polypropylene Rope

Polypropylene has a low melting point and will not melt under pressure, making it an ideal choice for marine applications. It is also resistant to abrasion, rot and UV degradation, making it perfect for dock rigging lines or various other aquatic uses. This type of rope is also extremely good value for money as it is available in bulk put-ups, spools and mini-spools or can be supplied cut to length.

The majority of this rope is available in black or white however we can offer a wide range of other colors on a special order basis. We can also supply this line with or without a core, depending on the specific application. This is a choice which will be made based on the type of application and we advise that customers speak with our knowledgeable team if they are not sure about what options might be best for them.

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