The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The realworld Tate is a self-made multimillionaire, entrepreneur and founder of the War Room community. He is a former 4x kickboxing world champion and he currently owns a portfolio of businesses that generate passive income such as webcams, OnlyFans management, digital advertising, coaching and cryptocurrency. In a recent video, he said that people need to wake up and realize that the world they are living in is just a virtual simulation. He compared it to The Matrix where the protagonist, Neo, is offered a choice between a blue pill that will keep him trapped in the matrix and a red one which will allow him to escape into reality.

Breaking Barriers: Andrew Tate and The Real World AI

Tate’s new program, The Real World AI, is meant to be the red pill for people who want to escape from the virtual world and live in a real-life of freedom. The educational platform will teach you essential skills for financial freedom based on 18 proven methods. It will help you create a business process tailored to your unique interests, strengths, hobbies, and current situation. The program will also help you learn how to maximize AI’s power to enhance your business.

However, the truth is that The Real World AI is just another scam that follows a well-established pattern of social media influencers who get banned from multiple platforms after making controversial statements. In fact, the program’s promotional videos, hypnotic social media content, and exaggerated claims of awakening raise many red flags and suggest cult-like indoctrination. In addition, the fact that the program rewards members for aggressively promoting it on TikTok and Instagram is also questionable.

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