Traffic Ticket Lawyer NYC Can Protect Your License and Driving Record

Traffic ticket lawyer nyc

Getting Traffic ticket lawyer nyc for speeding or another traffic offense is frustrating, but fighting your case with the help of our Traffic ticket lawyer nyc can protect your license and driving record. For more than 35 years, Jonathan Katz has been defending the rights of drivers throughout New York City and the surrounding counties and boroughs, helping them avoid costly penalties such as fines and traffic violation points.

A guilty plea to a Queens NY Traffic ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines and higher insurance premiums over the long term. And if you’re a repeat offender, there could be more serious consequences including license suspension or revocation and community service.

NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Why You Need Professional Help

In the county of Queens, there is one main court called the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). In general, you must appear in person at TVB for all misdemeanors and traffic violations (including speeding tickets) and cannot resolve them by mail.

At your hearing, a TVB Judge will listen to sworn testimony from the police officer that issued you the ticket. You can also testify or bring witnesses and evidence on your behalf. In addition, you can ask the Judge to reduce or dismiss your ticket. If you receive 11 or more motor vehicle violation “points” in an 18-month period, your driving privileges will be suspended in New York, as well as in any states where you’re licensed. We can often help you avoid this outcome by challenging the underlying facts and evidence, such as the equipment used, weather conditions, or error in police procedure.

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