Located just steps from Los Angeles’ fashionable downtown area, and only minutes from Hollywood, vegetarian restaurants fitzroy offer a more casual dining experience. In this multicultural hub of Hollywood, the food is just as varied as the people, ranging from upscale fine dining to street-food-inspired dishes from China, India, Mexico, and others. Vegetarian meals are welcome at this popular restaurant. From sushi and Chinese food to Mexican and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, Fitzroy serves a wide variety of vegetarian foods that can easily be paired with any kind of meal or dessert.

How to Find Vegetarian Restaurants in Hollywood

vegetarian restaurants fitzroy

Unlike many other vegetarian restaurants, which serve meat-based food, Fitzroy’s vegetarian menu serves mainly plant-based dishes, starting with a variety of deserts. Their vegan chocolate brownie and fresh-fruit sorbet with dates is a must try! The vegetarian sampler platter featured on their website also has a variety of entrees. Some of these entrees include: roasted portabella mushroom, Thai vegetable salad, lentil soup with chickpeas, creamy almond chicken, kale and potato tortilla soup, vegetable medley, mushroom and crepe salad, vegetable tequila sunrise, and potato and black bean tortilla soup.

In addition to its vegan selections, many vegetarian restaurants in Hollywood also offer meatless entrees and those with some chicken or seafood components. One restaurant that is sure to please even the strictest vegan is Pure Food and Wine, a Los Angeles based restaurant where all the cooking is done by a vegetarian. The menu features items such as the famous vegetarian pasta and soup, kale soup with carrots and radishes, chicken fajitas, vegetable ratatouille, and much more. The restaurant also serves wine and beer on the patio. Many of Hollywood’s vegetarian restaurants are located in walkable, convenient locations and the cooking tends to be very good, using short cuts and simple recipes. Vegetarian living is made easy in these vegetarian restaurants.

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