Wetpour Maintenance

Wetpour Maintenance is a very important part of making sure that your playground area continues to be safe and healthy for children. Wet Pour surfaces may look easy enough to install but it is a task best left to a professional because there are several tools involved, the sub-floor must be prepared, and the rubber granules and binder need to be mixed in the correct ratio.

Once your Wet Pour surface has been installed, however, it is vital that it undergoes routine and operational inspection and maintenance to comply with EN 1176. This will ensure that the surface is still bonded to all perimeter edges and equipment up-stands, is not cracked or showing signs of wear, is free from organic growth such as moss, algae and weeds and is also clean and free from debris and contaminants like leaves.

Rain or Shine: Wetpour Maintenance in All Weather Conditions

If these elements are allowed to remain on the surface for any length of time they will begin to break down and clog the pores within the wetpour surface causing it to no longer be self-draining. This will then cause a build-up of moisture and water within the flooring which could lead to expansion and damage in cold weather conditions.

This problem can easily be prevented by simply ensuring that all foliage and debris is regularly removed from the Wet Pour facility. This will prevent any issues with weeds, moss, and algae growing upon the flooring and will make it much easier for a jet wash or light brush down to keep the surface clear.

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